Lance Cpl. Jason William Moore

Lance Cpl. Jason William Moore 21, of San Marcos, Calif.; assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, Marine Aircraft Group 39, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Camp Pendleton, Calif., killed in a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crash in the Shatt al Hillah Canal in Iraq.

“He was an awesome guy, very honorable,” said Sam Scolamieri, another longtime friend. “The way he was hard-core about the Marines, that’s the way it was about his friendships.” After graduating from high school in 2000, Moore kept in touch with history teacher Jim Beason. “I felt like I lost my own son,” Beason said. “I’m sorry for the world to lose a kid like this.” Moore’s sister Michelle said she last spoke to her brother May 16, and he was excited about the possibility of becoming a crew chief at Camp Pendleton. “He promised me that he’d be back. He promised that nothing would happen to him

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Marine Saluting Courtesy Sgt Michal S. Williams

He lives alone In the hills and the trees
He bares his soul To the cool mountain breeze
He talks to the Spirit He listens to the Wind
They shield him from memories Buried deep within
The world has forgotten The sacrifice he made
The scars he bears remind him Of the high price he paid
Freedom is not given But with blood it has been bought
By warriors such as he And by the wars they fought
We can't forget our warriors Or let them die in vain
But with respect and honor We can help to ease their pain
Our Freedom will be taken If no one will defend
God bless our Forgotten Warriors Who live to fight again.

God and the soldier all men adore
in times of trouble, but no more.
For when war is ended and all things righted,
God is neglected, the old soldier slighted.